Afterschool: A full-immersion 90 minute class available to students age 4 and older. Depending on the class the finish time will vary and the school will remain open until 19:00. During this time, students who are still in the school and need help with elementary school homework may receive help from our experienced Japanese staff.

【Afterschool curriculum】

We at Three Stars International School will train your child to read by him/herself.

We know that this is the best approach because the philosophy “learn to read, read to learn” is proven to work for children. Unlike Japanese, there are only 26 characters in the English alphabet, which means that once a child understands how to use them and read them, there is no limit to what they can do.

Therefore we will first teach your child basic phonics, while your child develops the ability to listen, comprehend, and speak in English.

Once they succeed, they will learn with higher level textbooks, discussions, and interacting with others around them.

We emphasize fun learning to keep children interested.