Three Stars International School is all about educating our future generations. We want our children to grow up as well disciplined individuals who will actively seek their dreams and goals, cross boarders and play a role in the future of our earth responsibly.

From the time your child enters our school until the time your child departs, there will be a heavy focus on these three philosophies and reading.

This is our largest focus within the school curriculum and we have good reason. It is our goal to give your child the tools they need to continue to learning English independently from school via books. If this is important to you as well then please continue reading. In the following paragraphs I will explain in brief detail how it all works.


As you may remember from your school days, learning is not always the most fun thing to do. As a matter of fact, other than cooking, art, or science class, learning in general can be pretty cut and dry. For learning, the most important thing we do inside our classrooms is ensure everyone is having fun.

Learn to read, read to learn

Here at Three Stars your child will learn an array of different subjects outlined here. We are also focused on literacy. As you may have seen from our video, here at Three Stars International School your child will learn to read so that they may later read to learn. This process is generally and most commonly referred to as simply “Learn to read, read to learn”.

Teaching early learners to learn to read is a challenging but very rewarding task.
Your child will be able to continue learning English independently with proper guidance and encouragement!
It requires (and not necessarily in this order) precision, consistency, expectations, encouragement, incentives, praise, attention, goals, and extensive planning to get them there. Perhaps most important of all is receiving support from all parties involved in raising the child.

The curriculum we have created here at this school is designed to achieve such a goal and is constantly being evaluated and changed for perfection. Our goal for your child is that by the time they have graduated he/she should be reading books such as Oxford Reading Tree step 9.

The Process

We can offer your child up to 4 and a half years of exposure to our curriculum.

We start by teaching your child the very basics of reading and continue to reinforce that knowledge while challenging them with more material. Once your child learns all basic phonics rules we then begin building literacy stamina while exposing them to the major phonics rules. Repetition of prior learned material is key here, while continuing to build stamina. With over 1,000 reading cards developed for the purpose of reinforcement and stamina, your child will reach their potential in record time. Finally, when they are ready they may start reading independently. Monitoring your child’s level is done easily as each book they read independently is checked with a teacher for comprehension and reading ability.


Of course, all of the above is easier said than done. Simply demanding someone to read, even a child, is not effective and could in fact yield the opposite result: they will hate reading. One important key for success is to offer various incentives that the students will thoroughly enjoy, to the extent that they will want to read even if it is something they struggle with.

Currently within the kindergarten curriculum we utilize three different incentive systems. When combined, your child will be rewarded, praised and encouraged for reading, all of which are signs of success that your child will want to keep on repeating.