Happy New Year2016!!!

It’s been nearly two years since we opened Three Stars. We are thankful to all the parents for giving us their trust and understanding. It’s because of you that we currently have eight times the number of students that we had when we opened.
We know how precious your children are and we strive to give them the best school environment we can.
Every year our school is progressing in many ways. The teachers we have on board love children, and are passionate about sharing as much knowledge wit h them as possible. Our teachers are young and lively, each contributing their specialties to our school, creating a well-balanced team.
By now you’ve probably noticed your child’s curiosity and ability to use English has improved. The teachers are constantly thinking of ways to expand each child’s knowledge, using many different tools to create interest and build curiosity in various topics.

In addition to the teachers, our Japanese staff all have extended experience working with children. So any questions you may have regarding nursing, homework, or other matters of concern can be answered at any time. The Japanese staff are responsible for watching each individual child and maintaini ng communication with the parents so please do not hesitate to ask!

A major part of our school calendar are our school events. It’s a great time for the parents, students and staff to enjoy an activity together.
After each event, we always consider the aspects we liked and things we could have done better. We also discuss concerns or comments from the parents, which we use to come up with ideas to improve the event for next year. We always welcome and appreciate feedback from parents so we can use it to plan for next time.

This week we will be having Mochitsuki at school. What separates this Mochitsuki from the others is the rice. This year we will be using the rice the children planted and reaped at the rice field! Although working in the muddy rice field was difficult, the teachers and rice field staff noticed the e ffort from each and every child. This year Three Stars staff will prepare tonjiru soup as we did last year. Please don’t hesitate to invite the rest o f your family to come and join us this Friday!

This year we at Three Stars will be working hard to encourage your child’s mental and physical growth.
We appreciate your understanding and effort, and look forward to your continued support.

This is going to be our best year yet!
Iori Hirota
Administrator, Three Stars International School