An international school! Free Enrollment for pre-school & kinder!

 A brand new preschool & kindergarten. Three Stars International School was founded in 2013. The Grand Opening is finally here!

The teachers and staff have cultivated a wealth of experience in international schools and education.  We will use our expertise to give your child the best education and care that your child can get.  One of our main philosophies is “Learn to read, read to learn”.  By empowering our students with the ability to read, they can begin to take control of their own learning.

Our aim is to prepare the next generation – not just with English communication skills, but also help to nurture their curiosity, learn about the environment around them and learn about the environment around them and give them the basic tools and knowledge they need to make a bright future for everyone.

To celebrate our opening, we are having a 0 yen enrollment fee campaign up until April 30, 2014. This offer applies to Preschool & Kindergarten enrollments, saving 50,000yen on the Enrollment Fee.

Sign up for an after-school with a friend, the enrollment fee will be half price, until April 30, 2014.  This offer applies for every friend that enrolls, saving 10,000 yen per student. (Afterschool:The regular fee is 20,000 yen)
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

+81-44-850-2523(Mon. to Sat.)
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