Happy New Year 2018!!

Happy New Year!

At the end of last year, Three Stars International School moved to a new location. With new friends, we hastily and merrily put together and held a Christmas Concert. The kids did a wonderful job singing and playing their instruments during the performances. We’re sure all the parents were able to sense how their children are progressing and growing as they performed their roles during the concert.

Three Stars’ aim is to encourage students to believe in themselves, staying positive in all situations. We want our students to carve out a path to their futures, using the opportunities given to them along the way to the best of their ability. We believe in teaching students in a way that allows them to build strong character while being confident they can be successful in achieving all their personal goals. In order for students to achieve their goals, teachers and staff at Three Stars will continue discussing student progress and development thoroughly, with attention given to their academic and personal growth. We always aim to provide a deeper individualized education and guidance for all students.

In addition, this year we’ll be trying out new approaches in regards nutritional education. We usually consider various methods of encouraging children to enjoy the process of eating, and understand why the various foods they eat are important. As a school, we strive to check and ensure that everything the students take in to their bodies is top quality. Therefore, this year on our homepage we will posting and recording Nutritional Trivia of the week. This will be useful information that we learn from our research and studies from seminars and speaking with artisans in regard to healthy living. We hope parents will access and use this information at home to enhance and encourage nutritional living at home as well as school.

10 new students have already enrolled for this year. We will embrace each day and continue our endeavor to provide all of our students with an enjoyable, rewarding experience and education at Three Stars International School. We ask for your continued support, cooperation, and understanding this year. Thank you very much.


Iori Hirota

Administrator, Three Stars International School