Happy New Year2017!!!

Happy New Year!

From April of this year we will be combining both of our schools into one large facility located in Kitamikata. In this school we will be able to accommodate a larger number of students.

In related news, the Japanese Ministry of Education has established a mandate requiring all public school systems to teach English from the 3rd grade, which also begins this April. The goal for this policy change is to teach basic English conversation to children earlier. We hope the government is beginning to understand the importance of English and the impact it has on all of us.

Basic English conversation is something we teach at our school, however we don’t teach them English in a lesson, instead we use English as tool to teach our children so much more. One of the differences between Three Stars and other international schools is that we teach Japanese culture through various events, crafts, lunch time, and activities in English. The result is they learn about their self, their culture, and expand their ability to speak and comprehend English.

As we have been doing, this year we will continue to observe, understand, and handle each child with care while expanding their individuality, imagination and problem solving. We accomplish this with a small group system while using English as a tool to develop a flexible thought process within each individual.

In unison with the new policy change and in order to work toward globalization we have an important mission to nurture the next generations. We at Three Stars will continue to devote ourselves to the education of our future generations.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding until now and into the future.

Iori Hirota
Administrator, Three Stars International School