Christmas party 2016

Hello everyone. This is our formal invitation to you, to join our Christmas party this year which will be held at our Futakotamagawa facility. This will be our biggest and best Christmas party to date and so we needed more space.

The current schedule is:
13:30 – parents may enter the facility
13:45 – preschool performance begins
13:55 – kindergarten performance begins
14:05 – kindergarten and preschool “duet”
14:15 – saxophonist and Pianist concert duet begins
15:00 – special announcement from the administrator
15:20 – goodbye & Merry Christmas!

In addition to the Christmas party we also have a very special announcement to make and we would like to answer as many questions as we can. Please attend if you can so that everyone can hear the news!

We hope to see you there!