Satoko Tsurumoto

Year of Birth: 1984
Hometown: Yokohama
Country: Japan
Years Abroad: 3
Hobby: Mountain climbing, movies, snowboarding
Favorite Sport: Watching: soccer, baseball. Doing: snowboarding
Motto: I will always do my best

A little about me: Nursing children is like my dream work because I can always be with kids. We can share new experiences togethers, have fun together, and grow up together.
After graduating from university, I worked at a Japanese kindergarten for 3 years in Japan and later in Germany for an additional 2 years. Since I encountered many people from different countries I became interested in studying English.
My interest quickly lead me to Australia where I worked as a babysitter staying with my host family. This was a very important experience for me.
Using the skills I learned from my experiences I would like to take good care of the children, so much that they will say “I love Three Stars!!”.


Q. What’s your favorite color?
A.  Emerald green

Q. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say emerald green?
A.  Buildings in Turkey where I traveled to a few years ago, and Australia

Q. Do you have kids?
A.  No.

Q. What are three things you value?
A. Enjoy life without regrets, be thankful to people around me, and go traveling as much as possible.

Q. What kind of place was your hometown?
A. Yokohama is my hometown and everybody who is from Yokohama loves it.

Q. What is your favorite Japanese food?
A. Pork Shogayaki

Q. What is your favorite non-Japanese food?
A. Mabo-Tofu, Chige nabe (Korean food)

Q. What’s your favorite place in Japan outside Tokyo?
A. Kyoto

Q. What place in Japan do you want to go?
A. World Heritages such as Itsukushima Shrine and Kumanokodou

Q. What do you like best about yourself?
My cheerful personality, being able to think in a positive way even when I am sad.

Q. What do you do on your free time?
A. Reading, watching movies, and cooking

Q. What country do you want to visit the most?
A. Any asian countries such as India and Thailand

Q. What are your favorite movies?
A. Love Actually and Star Wars.

Q. Who are your favorite actors/actresses?
A. Hugh Jackman and Natalie Portman

Q. What is another field of work that is very interesting to you?
A. Tour guide or Alpine Guide

Q. What is one thing you want to do before you die?
A. Go on a round-the-world tour

Q. Where did you learn English?
A.  Australia, I was there for 10 months on a working holiday

Q. Why did you decide to work at an English school?
A. I had been interested in early childhood education for a while. After I worked in Australia, I wanted to work somewhere I can use English as a tool and with kids.

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